44ft Yacht Rental (For 15 People)

44ft yacht
44ft yacht
44ft yacht outside
44ft backside
44ft yacht rental
44ft yacht rental in dubai marina
44ft yacht inside
44ft yacht rental
44ft kithen inside
44ft yacht hire
44ft interiors
44ft yacht rental in dubai marina
44ft captain deck
44ft bathroom
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Yacht Description

44ft yacht is the best budget friendly yacht to enjoy your yacht trip in Dubai marina. 44ft can onboard 15 people in its double deck. It has well furnished cabin, washroom and an open area for your group talks. 44ft yacht is a yacht for refreshment at affordable price.

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facilities provided

Complimentary Yacht Facilities(Included)

  1. Juices
  2. Swimming & Towels
  3. Ice Cubes & Ice Box
  4. Sound System
  5. Fishing Equipments
  6. Safety Equipments
  7. Expert Crew

Exclusive (Add Ons)

  1. Water Sports
  2. Pick & drop with a limousine
  3. Decoration & Cake
  4. Live Barbecue Meal
  5. Cusine

On Yacht Facilities

  1. Master Bedrooms
  2. Kitchen & Washroom
  3. Fly Deck & Sun Deck
  4. Cabin & Sun Bed